KinRe® is a safe, non intimidating, peaceful place to specifically  and purposefully move our bodies to relax our minds. Giving ourselves the multitude of physical and emotional benefits.   We welcome you as you are to just ‘be’, learning to embrace, indulge and accept a place of peace within ourselves, allowing our bodies to heal from physical and/or emotional stress and pain or for prevention purposes. Classes are on the KinRe® App, click the link above or email: for more information.

Natalie Gripper Biokineticist and Founder

Natalie has been in private practice since 2000.  Over 4 years, she developed and founded the unique signature programs, KinRe® and KinCouS® as well as continuing her private practice, based on the alarming statistics of deteriorating mental health, chronic disease and stress related illness.

Being involved in performing arts and sport since the age of 5 years, Natalie has always had a genetic passion for movement, expression, healing and release via the human body. Completing her Biokinetics Honors degree at the University of Port Elizabeth, became an extension of herself with a science orientated foundation. Thrilled to offer her services, passing the knowledge and programs to anyone willing to improve their world.

“Developing these programs has been an educational and rewarding experience.  Pushing boundaries in order to help others and myself, overcome physical and emotional challenges, improving quality of life, wellness and health through our individual journeys’.”

Karin Fourie KinRe® Practitioner


Karin, a beauty therapist and KinRe® Practitioner, has a wealth of experience and knowledge in her profession and highly respected by her peers and clients.  Her managerial, creative and marketing skills, work ethic, willingness to help others and expertise, sets Karin apart. Karin has successfully introduced KinRe® on Victory 1 cruise ship in the USA! We are thrilled to welcome Karin into the KinRe® Practitioner Family. 

“Apart from giving KinRe® classes, I also incorporate aspects of KinRe® into my working day as well as my client treatments, which ensures they receive my best professional service.”

Kim Lamb KinRe® Practitioner

A very warm welcome to the KinRe® family Kim, lovely to have you with us!

Kim uses KinRe® in her physiotherapy practice in Harare, Zimbabwe, having  studied in the United Kingdom.  She uses aspects of KinRe® to help clients achieve their  optimal function.  Kim gets results and her clients respect and love her adaptive treatments.

“Learning the specifics of KinRe®  gave me new insight into theories and practice I had not considered before.”

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A minimum of only 45 minutes twice a week to:


Distress and ill health does not wait for your maybe. Make your lemonade today! 

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to relieve your Back Pain 

You get my second, BRAND NEW unique signature program for FREE! KinCouS® stands for Kinetic Counter Balance Supine, specifically developed for back pain.  Strengthens your core like never before!


100% money back guarantee, if after one month you do not feel a difference physically, emotionally and mentally.